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Ford Demonstrates Enhanced Transitional Stability Technology in 2015 Focus

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2015 Ford Focus hatchback

2015 Ford Focus hatchback

One of the unheralded new features of the 2015 Ford Focus is a new technology that is capable of predicting when your vehicle is in imminent danger of spinning out and help prevent it from happening.

Ford’s enhanced transitional stability technology is intended specifically to help the 2015 Focus during dynamic driving situations. Additionally, it uses a number of factors—including speed and steering wheel position and turn rate—to determine if a spin-out is forthcoming. If the risk of spinning out is significant enough, the brakes will be applied to individual wheels to help the driver maintain control.

To emphasize this point, here is a video of someone trying to keep an egg on a spoon:


“By recognizing scenarios that can lead to a potential loss of driver control before oversteer has developed, the enhanced transitional stability system is setting the recovery process in motion quicker than ever before—resulting in smoother, more refined control,” said David Messih, Brake Controls manager, Ford North America.