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Ford Design Challenge Winners Announced at The Redress Forum

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The Redress Forum 2016: Ford Design Challenge

Pan Wen of China (left) and Amy Ward of the UK (right) with their award-winning dress

Pan Wen of China and Amy Ward of the United Kingdom have been announced as the winners of The Redress Forum 2016: Ford Design Challenge, the finals of which took place on January 15. Wen and Ward were picked from a field of 10 finalists in The EcoChic Design Award competition, which encouraged up-and-coming designers from Hong Kong, mainland China, Thailand, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom to bring exciting and unique clothing to life using the sustainable seat fabrics used in Ford’s vehicles.

Wen and Ward created a floor-length dress that was inspired by, of all things, an underpass on Victoria’s Peak in Hong Kong. It took a mere 3.5 hours to create.

“With visible construction and hidden details, we wanted to create something that forces the wearer to dig a little deeper and to get to know the garment,” said Amy Ward. “Rather than picking an obvious skyscraper for our inspiration, we looked closer and liked the industrial feeling of the location, focusing in on the finer details.”

The winning dress and the creations of the other designers will be modeled on the runway during HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week.