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Ford Designed New Crystal Diamond Light LEDs with Psychology at Heart

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Ford F-150 Crystal Diamond Headlights

Ford is using an unusual driving force in the development of its new LED lighting innovation: human psychology.

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According to the automaker, its lighting experts have been keeping in mind the effect lighting has on the human mental state while developing Crystal Diamond Light. The company’s latest lighting innovation debuted on the new Ford F-150 and will soon be appearing on the 2017 Fusion. It aims to be up to 62% more efficient than standard headlights and more inexpensive to operate, but its development was also influenced by the effect it would have on the human eye.

“We know that gradients and homogeneity affect people’s moods,” said Arun Kumar, Ford optics expert and design engineer. “We also know the eye wants to focus on contrast changes and other inconsistencies in lighting—it’s an automatic function of the brain that can irritate mood.”

Ford also uses that focus when designing interior lights, using Ice Blue for dashboard lighting as a means to be easier on the human eye.

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