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Ford Drive 4 UR School Donating $1M Via Virtual Test Drives

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Ford Drive 4 UR School virtual test drive
Take a virtual test drive by Friday, give $50 to a local school. EZ PZ
Photo: Ford

Ford Motor Company is donating $1 million to schools across America through its Drive 4 UR School program. Funds will be available to teachers working at public schools that serve low-income communities, helping cover them cover classroom costs. And you can help!

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Take a virtual test drive, donate $50 to teachers

During Teacher Appreciation Week, which runs May 3-7, visit and click the link to take a virtual test drive. You’ll need to fill out a short questionnaire, then you’ll be able to virtually sample three of Ford’s hottest vehicles: the 2021 Mustang Mach-E Premium, all-new F-150 Limited, and the Bronco Sport Badlands.

From there, you’ll get a 360-view of the interior and exterior of your vehicle of choice. After clicking on a certain number of highlights and sitting through an interactive overview, you commence the test drive. In the Bronco Sport Badlands, you head out on a nice little toot around a country road while a narrator compliments you on your driving skills. Which is nice! Who doesn’t love a compliment?

Help one of more than 45,000 classroom projects

All in all, it’s a nice little two-minute diversion in the middle of your workday. Best of all, when you’ve finished (and filled out another experience survey), you’ll receive a $50 e-gift card from DonorsChoose. From there, head over to the DonorsChoose website, where you can search for classroom projects near you. Pick the project that speaks to you, apply your credit, and help make a difference. The whole process will take you about 15 minutes and it’s more productive than, I dunno, doomscrolling on Facebook.

Ford is donating up to $500,000 in DonorsChoose gift cards through the virtual test drives. It’ll also donate another $500,000 to projects on the website.

“We’re grateful to be teaming up with Ford this Teacher Appreciation Week,” said Charles Best, founder of DonorsChoose. “Both the Ford Drive 4 UR School program and DonorsChoose are dedicated to helping teachers get resources their students need. This gift from Ford will go a long way to bring teachers’ dreams to life.”

Since 2007, Ford Drive 4 UR School has raised $45 million for schools around the country.

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