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Ford EcoGuide Coaches Drivers on How to Be More Efficient

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Ford EcoGuide
Photo: Ford Motor Company

In an effort to help commercial fleet operators save money and cut down on the number of times drivers have to stop and fuel up, Ford is introducing new EcoGuide technology with the upcoming Transit, Transit Custom, and Transit Tourneo. Available on these Ford CVs in Europe from mid-2019, Ford EcoGuide helps drivers operate more efficiently by recommending actions based on circumstances ahead.

“Everyone has experienced occasions when we have to brake suddenly if a bend is tighter than expected, only to speed up again afterwards. EcoGuide will help avoid this, saving drivers fuel, time, and stress,” said Michael McDonagh, Transit global chief program engineer, Ford of Europe.

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The technology pulls from Ford satellite navigation to give drivers a heads up with respect to speed limit changes and changes in the road, including intersections and curves. Ford EcoGuide recommends action, including deceleration, to help cut down on unnecessary braking or acceleration, boosting fuel efficiency in the process.

Ford EcoGuide will also provide a report on the driver’s tendencies after each trip, and a halo that appears on the digital speedometer lets a driver know mid-journey that they are driving in an efficient manner.

“Driving smoothly and assessing the road ahead as much as possible to avoid unnecessary braking and acceleration can improve your fuel consumption by as much as 12 percent,” said Rebecca Ashton, Head of Policy and Research for IAM RoadSmart, a U.K.-based road safety group which offers eco-driving training courses approved by the Energy Saving Trust.

The new North American Ford Transit was revealed earlier this month. Ford did not confirm whether Ford EcoGuide will be European-exclusive or offered in additional markets.

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