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Ford EcoSport Makes Big Impression with Two Massive Displays in Paris

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Quai de Conti Ford EcoSport display

Paris is renowned around the world as a place of art, culture, and beauty. Whatever’s in or hip or down or whatever the kids are saying these days—lit? On fleek?—you’ll probably find it there. That association is certainly what Ford was going for when it decided to unfurl two enormous posters promoting its EcoSport SUV in the city last month.

Ford posted two huge advertisements for its smallest SUV at a pair of the city’s key locales. The first is a 75-foot by 46-foot display at the Quai de Conti, which rests on the banks of the beautiful Seine. The second, quite a bit smaller at 52 feet by 46 feet, can be seen in front of the Institut de France.

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Appropriate given the size of the displays, Ford anticipates that the adverts—both of which are lit up at night to extend visibility—will put the EcoSport on the minds of many, many Parisians.

“We estimate that they will be seen by more than 7 million people during March,” said Louis-Carl Vignon, Ford of France Managing Director. “The Ford of France marketing team, together with GTB Paris and JCDecaux, created this as part of a spectacular national launch and awareness campaign for EcoSport.”

7 million people? Mon dieu!

Quai de Conti Ford EcoSport display

Earlier this year, Ford and the EcoBoost also made waves with a 56,672-square-foot billboard that went up on the Espana Building in Madrid. The enormous advertisement, roughly the size of 20 tennis courts, now holds the Guinness World Records title for world’s largest billboard.

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