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Ford Employee Built a Bronco Sculpture Out of Snow

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Jacob DiMaria and Ford Bronco snow sculpture
Jacob DiMaria built a full-size Ford Bronco out of snow
Photo: Ford

With all the snow that got dumped across the country in February, there were plenty of snowpeople and sculptures standing tall on lawns across the United States. There may not have been a more impressive snow creation erected than the creation of one Jacob DiMaria. DiMaria — a Dearborn-based Noise, Vibration, and Harshness Technologist with Ford Motor Company — turned the snow into something near and dear to his heart: a full-size Ford Bronco two-door.

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Seriously, dude made this by hand in five days. Kind of hard not to look out at the bootleg Frosty that’s melting away on your front lawn and feel pangs of shame after taking this beast in.

DiMaria has something of a reputation for his snow sculptures. According to @FordOnline, he made a replica of Michigan Central Station in 2020 and a classic Mustang convertible the year before that. It’s fair to say that this fella knows snow like it’s snowbody’s business.

Jacon DiMaria Ford Mustang snow sculpture
Pony car? More like SNOWNY car lololol
Photo: Ford

“I enjoy doing the Ford-themed sculptures each year (when there’s enough snow available) because I work for Ford and so do a lot of other people in Dearborn,” DiMaria said. “It’s something everyone recognizes [and] can get behind. Hopefully, people can get some enjoyment out of it before the weather warms up and it melts.”

DiMaria says that he’d like to replace the Bronco snow sculpture with the real deal down the line. The 2021 Ford Bronco launches this summer, so he might be able to do just that before too long.

And what does Ford’s snow artiste in residence have in mind for next year? “We’ll have to see what’s relevant next winter,” he said. “I’m always taking suggestions, though.” Easy: How about a Ford F-150 towing a boat?

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