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Ford F-150 Embraces Tough Guy Image

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2013 Ford F-150Ford is currently pushing their F-150 pickup truck with the tagline “We Own Work.” On their website, Ford is featuring a series of videos that show people using the F-150 to accomplish tough, gritty jobs. It’s like Ford’s own little mini “Dirty Jobs.” In the videos we can watch as the Ford F-150 helps people rebuild a roof, work a farm, and drag manufacturing materials all across the state of Texas.

So what is it that makes the F-150 the number one car for these rugged jobs? When it comes to pickup trucks, it all starts with towing, and the F-150 soars to the top of its class. It can haul up to 11,300 lbs, and do it safely, aided by systems like trailer sway control and a trailer brake controller. Like all Ford trucks, the F-150 is Built Ford Tough® with a frame made from nothing less than high-strength steel. This gives the Ford F-150 the tenacity and willpower to pull all that weight.

Under the hood, the Ford F-150 houses a 3.7 liter engine that grabs up to 302 horsepower while still providing you with a healthy 23 mpg highway. The F-150 is tough as nails from skeleton to heart to lungs. Whatever job you’ve got to do, the F-150 is ready for the challenge.