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Ford Focus RS Red Edition is a Limited Edition Ford Focus RS That is Also Red

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Ford Focus RS Red Edition

Once upon a time, all you wanted for Christmas was your two front teeth—either because you were a young child lamenting the loss of your baby chompers or because you just got out of a super crazy hockey fight and caught a couple of cheap shots from some hoser.

Those were simpler times, then, but your needs and wants have grown. Now, all you want for Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate, for that matter) is stability and some sense of balance in a universe that just feels topsy turvy every day. Also, a nice new Ford Focus RS, preferably in red.

Well, you’re in luck, because the latter of those two things can be yours! (No promises about sanity being restored.) Ford has announced a new Focus RS Red Edition, which will be limited to 300 units and is available to buy now through Ford dealerships in the United Kingdom. Sure, if you’re American, you’d need to relocate to Britain to get one, but that might actually help with the whole restoring sanity in your life bit given the way things have been this last little while.

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“The Focus RS [Red] Edition represents accessible performance at its finest,” said Andy Barratt, chairman and managing director, Ford of Britain. “As RS production nears its end, we wanted to celebrate with a limited run of cars for those who want to stand out as an RS fan.”

The highlights of the Ford Focus RS Red Edition are a Quaife limited slip differential for the front axle; grey brake calipers; black-cast alloy wheels; and contrasting black roof, mirrors, and mirror spoiler. Oh, and also a seasonally-festive Race Red exterior. Did I mention that part? Pretty important to the fact that this is a Red Edition, come to think.

Given the limited quantities, it’s pretty likely that the Ford Focus RS Red Edition will be all bought up by the time you get your paperwork together to emigrate to the UK. Guess you’ll just have to go back to hoping for a world where facts are actually a thing again.

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