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Ford GT Squares Off with Ferrari 458 Speciale in Forza 6 Launch Trailer

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Ford GT and Ferrari 458 Speciale

One week, people. You have exactly one week to get your affairs in order. Clear your calendars. Call off sick from work. Tell your significant other that you have suffered a debilitating injury that will only allow you to sit on the couch with your Xbox One. Do whatever it is you have to do. No responsibility is too significant that you cannot reasonably shirk it to spend hour after hour racing beautiful cars around the world in Forza Motorsport 6.

Is your body not yet ready enough? Well then you’ll need the launch trailer to help. View it, let it sink in, and then start planning how you’ll be going off the grid this week.

Quite a few of the 640 cars feature prominently here, none more so than the game’s cover model, the all-new 2017 Ford GT. The trailer concludes in a heart-stopping showdown between the GT and the Ferrari 458 Speciale, resulting in the beginning of a race that you’ll almost certainly have to conclude immediately upon receiving your copy of the game.

Want to play Forza 6 and don’t have an Xbox One yet? Perfect. Then scoop up the limited edition Forza 6 1 TB Xbox One, which not only comes with the game, but is decked out in a color not terribly dissimilar from Ford Performance’s gorgeous Liquid Blue.



You have one week. Spend it wisely.