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Ford Latest Corporation to Drop Partnership with ALEC

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Ford today confirmed with the Center for Media and Democracy that it will no longer be working with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the Koch-funded nonprofit organization that has become synonymous with anti-union and anti-environment agendas.

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“As part of our annual budget review, we have adjusted our participation in several groups. We will not be participating in ALEC in 2016,” said Ford spokesperson Christin Baker in a statement to CMD.

CMD originally reported Ford’s funding of ALEC in November, coming at a time where the organization was bleeding supporters. Since an investigation was launched in 2011, 108 corporations have walked away from ALEC, including BP, Shell, Visa, Microsoft, McDonald’s, and Google.

ALEC’s track record is certainly not one that jives with Ford’s desired image of inclusiveness and environmental awareness. Not only has ALEC had a hand in creating Arizona’s racial profiling legislation and bills that make it more difficult for the poor and elderly to register to vote, but it has spoken out against EPA legislation on numerous occasions and adopted the stance of climate change denial. You may remember longtime ALEC member Senator James Inhofe as that crazy person who threw a snowball in the Senate as a means to disprove climate change.

Ford stated in its 2013-2014 Sustainability Report that it “is committed to doing [its] share to prevent or reduce the potential for environmental, economic, and social harm due to climate change.” As such, kicking ALEC to the curb is quite the natural decision.

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News Source: PR Watch