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Ford Lost a Customer’s Focus RS and Refuses to Talk to Him

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2016 Ford Focus RS

Update #1: A spokesperson from Ford has contacted us with more information on this situation. It appears that Mr. Flynn was contacted directly by Ford after the story went viral on Reddit and informed him that his Focus RS was on its way to him. Ford says that they have been in contact with Mr. Flynn over the last few days to ensure the communication channels were fully open.

Update #2: We reached out to Mr. Flynn who revealed the communication channels may not have been as “open” as the Ford spokesperson had originally suggested. Though he was informed the Focus RS would be delivered next week, he was not offered any explanation, compensation, or even apology. Furthermore, there are still many other Focus RS customers who have not been contacted about the whereabouts of their cars.

Customer service horror stories are usually told from the employee’s point of view. They’ll recount how a crazed man in a suit yelled at them for serving coffee 1°F too cold or how they spent two hours on the phone with an old lady who couldn’t get her computer started because it wasn’t plugged in. This time, though, it’s the customer who is getting screwed over—big time.

On October 12, 2015, Kevin Flynn was one of the very first people to order a brand new, fully-loaded Nitrous Blue Ford Focus RS. His dealer told him that when it arrived, Flynn might become one of the first five people in the entire west coast to own the highly-anticipated car. It cost around $40,000, went into production in March, and was finally shipped to Newark, New Jersey, for delivery in April. So far so good, right?

At least, it seemed that way until the Focus RS was received at the Newark port on May 6. Since then, Flynn hasn’t heard a peep about it. That’s right—it’s been 10 weeks and the guy still doesn’t have his car. What’s more, Ford refuses to talk of the matter and had the gall to tell him to contact Ford Service on Facebook, of all things. Ford Service is made up of outsourced customer service employees who read from a script and have no real information.

Flynn attempted to contact Ford on Twitter, Facebook, and even emailed Mark Fields, the CEO of the company. The only response he did get, an email received on the first day of July, flat out told him that “this will be our last written communication to you regarding this concern.”

I’m sorry—what? A man bought a $40,000 car from you and you won’t even respond to him after it has gone missing for two months? According to Flynn, he doesn’t even have the worst of it: there are people who ordered on the same day he did who still don’t have production dates and Ford isn’t communicating with them either.

What the hell, Ford?

In these days of supreme customer service, one-day shipping and purchase tracking, it’s baffling that a customer can’t track the location of his $40,000 car or even get any sort of information about it.

Maybe something happened to the car. Maybe it was stolen, damaged, or accidentally sold to another customer. Maybe it has some kind of defect Ford only found after it shipped and they want to fix it before delivering it. Any of these things would make a delay excusable. Avoiding any sort of communication is not.

Source: Medium