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Ford Offering Employees and Retirees Discount Codes to Give to Friends

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Motor Authority has nominated the 2016 Ford Mustang, along with six other cars, for the web site's annual Best Car to Buy award

Want a new Mustang at a discount rate? Don’t own a Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury? Know a guy or gal who works for Ford? You might be in luck

So, hey, good news if you are the friend or relative of a generous Ford employee or retiree. Between now and the end of February, the automaker is permitting its employees and retirees the ability to share a discount on a new vehicle with anyone who does not own a 1995 or newer Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury vehicle.

According to a memo distributed to Ford dealerships earlier this month and obtained by Automotive News, the discount will grant Ford and Lincoln employees and retirees one code good for a significant discount on a new Ford or Lincoln vehicle. The promotion is aimed specifically at garnering conquest sells, as is indicated by the name of the “A/Z Conquest PIN” program.

Ford confirmed the offer with Auto News, but it will not be widely announced. So, if you know someone you might be able to hit up for a discount code, consider this your fair warning.

“Employees are encouraged to seek new customers to bring to the Ford and Lincoln brands with this opportunity,” reads the memo’s FAQs. “The existing A/Z program provides employees the ability to reward great savings to immediate family members, and now that can be extended to a friend or neighbor that drives a competitive vehicle. This opportunity represents growth and continued strength for both Ford and Lincoln!”

News Source: Automotive News (subscription required)