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Ford Taps Pacheco for Next-Gen Ranger Production

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Ford Argentina Investment | Ford Argentina President Martin Galdeano and President of Argentina Alberto Fernandez discuss Ford's $580M investment at Pacheco Stamping and Assembly for the next-gen Ranger
Argentina President Alberto Fernandez (right) met with Ford execs in December
Photo: Ford

Ford Motor Company is investing $580 million in its Pacheco Stamping and Assembly plant in Argentina. The infusion of cash will allow the facility to begin production on the next-generation Ranger in 2023.

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The news was announced in December following a meeting between Ford South America and International Markets Group President Lyle Watters, Ford Argentina President Martin Galdeano, and President of Argentina Alberto Fernandez. Watters called the move an important step toward “a new leaner, agile, and innovative business model.”

The statement is similar in tone to Ford’s announcement that it would end manufacturing in Brazil as part of its global reorganization. Ford has pledged to offer an updated portfolio in South America that includes the Mustang Mach-E and Bronco as well as the new Ranger built at Pacheco.

Production on the next-generation Ranger gets underway at the Pacheco Stamping and Assembly plant in 2023. According to Ford, 70 percent of the output from the plant will head to other export markets throughout Latin America.

“This project reaffirms Ford’s long-term commitment with Argentina, now in its 107th year in the country, investing to produce global products with high local content mainly for export markets, creating quality jobs, and contributing with the community development,” said Galdeano.

Ford’s Pacheco Stamping and Assembly plant originally opened in 1961. The facility currently employs approximately 3,823 people. Pacheco currently produces the four- and five-door Ford Focus as well as all three cab styles of the Ford Ranger.

The investment will largely go toward modernizing the plant. Thirty percent of the investment will go toward localized production of vehicle components.

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