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Ford Rolls Out Pickup & Delivery to All FordPass Rewards Members

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A Ford dealership employee drops the keys off during a Pickup & Delivery service
FordPass Rewards users can take advantage of free Pickup & Delivery
Photo: Ford

Ford has expanded its popular Pickup & Delivery service to the 8.5 million members of FordPass Rewards. The service, which simplifies the service and maintenance process, was initially rolled out in response to the pandemic.

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“With remote services proving critical during the pandemic, we’re now making it widely accessible to Ford owners,” said Ford Chief Customer Experience Officer Elena Ford. “It’s our job to look after our customers, and being flexible, respecting their time, and giving them peace of mind through services like Pickup & Delivery is one way we can do that.”

The Ford Pickup & Delivery service is fairly straightforward. You simply use FordPass Rewards to request an at-home or at-office pickup from your preferred local Ford dealership. You can use the app to track the progress of your service and receive updates via phone call, text message, or email. Once your vehicle is ready to go, a Ford dealer rep delivers it back to you.

FordPass Rewards adds three tiers

An infographic breaking down the differences between the FordPass Rewards Bronze, Silver, and Blue tiers
The three tiers of FordPass Rewards
Photo: Ford

Accompanying the launch of Pickup & Delivery services on FordPass Rewards is a restructuring of the program as a whole. FordPass Rewards now comes in three tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Blue. Members at the top two levels are eligible for complimentary Pickup & Delivery. Silver members get one per year and Blue members get two.

Users can achieve new tier levels by using the app and collecting milestones. Customers with 200 milestones since January 2021 are automatically enrolled in the Blue tier. Users with 120 milestones qualify for the Silver level.

A FordPass Rewards user checking points in front of a Ford Explorer
Earning and tracking points and milestones is easy
Photo: Ford

You earn milestones through purchases, including new and pre-owned vehicles, service, and accessories. If you buy or lease a new Ford vehicle, that’s 50 milestones straightaway. You’ll get 25 milestones for things like bringing your vehicle to a dealership for service or having an active FordPass Rewards Visa card.

Other advantages of being a Silver or Blue FordPass Rewards member include discounts at Costco, TaskRabbit, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

You can download the FordPass Rewards app for free on Google Play or the App Store.