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Ford Pickup Truck Testing is so Intense they Use Robots

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Have you been in a Ford pickup truck lately?  If you have, you will notice they continue to get leaner, meaner, faster, stronger and more powerful.  With all of these improvements comes a lot of testing on Ford’s part, and sometimes human testing just isn’t enough.  That’s why Ford pickup truck testing just got a lot more intense; they are now using robots to do the gruesome off-road testing that all of their trucks endure.

When you buy a truck, you like to know that it is going to last for the next 10 years -but how do you really know?  With robots, Ford can test their trucks for 11.5 hours straight, putting on 150,000 miles.  This simulates 10 years of driving in just three months!

Ford F-150

Ford F-150: Robot tested, mother approved

Could a human do this?  No way!  According to Ford, a typical test driver will only last for about five hours, because the testing is so intense.  Ford can’t do 10 years of testing five hours at a time; the trucks would take forever to reach the lot. This robotic solution delivers quality trucks that have been rigorously tested.

The next time you are out looking for a new truck, remember Ford trucks are robot tested to work hard for you.