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Ford Police Interceptor Vehicles Outrun Competition

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Ford Police Interceptor

When you’re putting your life on the line chasing criminals, you want to make sure you have the best of the best on your side. In order to ensure that the members of their force have just that, the Los Angeles Sheriff Department has tested multiple police vehicles in a 0-100 mph test and have found for the third year in a row that the Ford Police Interceptor EcoBoost-powered sedans and utility vehicles are better than the competitors.

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“Not only do we remain faster, but agencies like the Los Angeles Sheriff Department see the benefits of all-wheel drive and EcoBoost,” said Arie Groeneveld, Ford chief engineer. “In pursuit driving conditions, being able to put down 365 horsepower is best accomplished using our intelligent all-wheel-drive system – which optimizes handling and traction in all driving conditions, including dry-pavement surfaces – as demonstrated in LASD testing.”

With the Ford Police Interceptor utility vehicle only offering all-wheel-drive systems and the sedan showing 88% of its sales as all-wheel-drive, there’s no denying the new trend towards police forces leaning towards all-wheel-drive systems. Along with an 18.3 seconds 0-100 time for the utility (while carrying 400 pounds of cargo) and a time of 14.2 seconds for the sedan, there’s no need to compromise performance for versatility when it comes to Ford police vehicles.

Do you think the Ford Police Interceptor vehicles are the best of the best? Share your thoughts below!

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