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Ford Sales in Europe Continue to Increase

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Slowly but surely, Ford is taking over the world—or at least Europe. In a recent press release, Ford has revealed that 2014 has been one of its best European sales years so far, posting year-over-year sales improvements for the tenth consecutive month and fourth consecutive quarter, thanks to their March sales.

“Our first quarter sales results show that our plan to invest in product and launch more new vehicles—10 alone in 2014—is beginning to have a very positive impact with customers,” said Roelant de Waard, vice president of Marketing, Sales, and Service, Ford of Europe. “Just as important as absolute sales growth, we are growing our business with retail customers and desirable fleet customers.”

In the first quarter, Ford commercial vehicle sales rose 10%, while the American carmaker’s market share increased 0.2% to 8.9% in March. While it’s not a major increase, it shows that the Ford name is certainly establishing itself throughout Europe.

Ford’s main 22 European markets saw more than 326,000 vehicles were sold in the first quarter of the year, with the Ford Fiesta and Focus retaining the right to be called the first and second top-selling Ford vehicles. The Fiesta, whose sales were up 7%, has become so popular that Ford has even increased the daily production of the car by 200 units!

Ford Sales in Europe

With these sales numbers, there’s no doubt that Ford will continue to gain global popularity, increasing Ford sales in Europe. Do you agree? Share your thoughts with us below!