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Ford Spain Offers Free PlayStation 5 with Explorer Plug-in Hybrid

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2020 Ford Explorer Plug-In Hybrid | Buy a Ford Explorer Plug-in Hybrid in Spain, get a free PlayStation 5
Buy a Ford Explorer PHEV in Spain, getcha a free PlayStation 5
Photo: Ford

You’ve got to hand it to the Ford Motor Company for coming up with a really smart sales promo for its Explorer Plug-in Hybrid. Any customer who purchases a Ford Explorer Plug-In Hybrid in Spain will also get a free PlayStation 5. Take that, scalpers.

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While the idea of throwing in a cool gizmo like a console or a TV to sweeten the deal is nothing new, what really takes the cake here is Ford Spain’s ad for the free PS5 promotion. It starts out like pretty much any other walkaround or first drive … until zombies show up and try to turn the host of a walkaround into a quick snack, that is.  

A special look at the Ford Explorer Plug-in Hybrid

The nearly three-minute video starts with a sharp-dressed man, a Ford Explorer Plug-in Hybrid, and the beautiful backdrop of the Sierra Nevada. Within seconds, another figure appears in the background, stumbling up over an embankment and toward the Explorer. It doesn’t take long to realize that this interloper is one of the undead — and if you don’t quite get the hint, the zombie growls and yeets himself over the hood of the vehicle, sailing over the crouching host and splatting onto the ground out of frame.

Before too long, the host is enjoying the safety of the Explorer Plug-in Hybrid’s cabin while a horde of zombies swarms the outside. Cheekily oblivious, he takes off, leaving reanimated corpses in his dust. But he winds up having bigger problems — literally.

As we go along for a drive, the fella and the Explorer have to contend with titanic tentacles, a massive mech, and a gigantic foot possibly belonging to Godzilla. All the while, you learn about some of what the Explorer Plug-in Hybrid has to offer, including Ford Co-Pilot360, three rows of spacious seating, and its robust powertrain.

Through March 31 or until supplies last, every Ford Explorer Plug-In Hybrid sold in Spain comes with one of the hard-to-find next-gen consoles. And while drivers likely won’t have to deal with zombies or giant beasts on the road IRL, they can do battle with them in games like Demon’s Souls or the upcoming Back 4 Blood. Talk about a win-win.

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