Ford Taurus History

Ford Taurus History

Ford Taurus History


The Ford Taurus is the fourth-oldest vehicle currently sold in the North American Ford lineup, and the fifth best-selling nameplate in Ford’s history. The Ford Taurus has been in near constant production since its unveiling in 1986, and is considered by some to be Ford’s flagship vehicle.

Early History

The Ford Taurus was initially introduced in 1985 and was sold as a 1986 model. The first installment was set to replace the Ford Granada in the mid-size sedan segment. Although the Taurus is classified today as a full-size sedan, that switch from mid- to full-size didn’t occur until 2008.

Since its arrival, the Ford Taurus has seen six generations, which has allowed Ford to create more than 7.5 million vehicles brandishing the badge.

Recent History

The Taurus is currently in its sixth generation, but a recent facelift has updated the exterior styling with LED enhancements and a new front fascia. The pinnacle of the Taurus lineup is the Taurus SHO model, whose high performance is well-known in the industry. Similarly to most every current Ford offering, the Taurus is available with more than one EcoBoost engine option.

Ford Taurus Racing History

The Ford Taurus was the first sedan to be approved for competition in NASCAR, and it has made quite the impact. The Taurus has earned championship titles in both the Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series since its arrival.

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