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Ford Teases “Exciting News!” Involving The Rock

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Earlier today, @FordOnline posted a rather cryptic news article entitled “Exciting News!” The following is the entirety of the post:

Ford teases Exciting News

Note the subtle use of negative space, drawing attention to the incredibly tiny image of noted Ford Truck enthusiast Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson standing charmingly next to what appears to be a personal aircraft on a rain-slicked tarmac. Notice how the absolute absence of content helps to drive home the simplicity of the message: “The Rock is in town to shoot an upcoming Ford Customer Service Division ad. More to come…”

What could more mean? Does it mean more than what the message implies? Is The Rock in town merely to shoot a commercial, or is he there to do even more than that? Also, why did Ford in this instance opt to flesh out a piece of news that might otherwise draw attention from its readers with a thumbnail image of People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive and Forbes’ Highest-Paid Actor of 2016? Particularly when the image was gleaned from a full-sized, eight-hour old Instagram video with nearly 1 million views? Why not just link to the video directly? See, it’s totally doable:

Luv you NYC! Thank you for a phenomenal 3 days of #RockTheTroops?? and #Fast8 press.  Wheels up to Detroit to shoot our big FORD campaign.  Looking forward to getting my boots on the ground at the FORD plant to see/feel where it all goes down.  #EagleUp #NYC #Detroit #RockTheTroops?? #Fast8 #FORD

A video posted by therock (@therock) on

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Oh. I see. Is it because The Rock has a bit of a potty mouth? Could he have not chosen a better word to describe the frigid air? After all, if the rumors are true that Dwayne Johnson might someday consider stepping into the political arena, he’ll want to make sure that he has a clean image. The American people would never elect someone who says bad words, particularly if he already has the strike against him of having been involved in the tawdry world of professional wrestling….

Oh. Right. The nightmare that is reality.

Well, hey, maybe The Rock should just go for it. If nothing else, he sold a Stone Cold Stunner way better than the racist diaper that will be America’s next president.

Well, regardless of The Rock’s future political aspirations, he is destined to star in another ad for Ford. In fact, he has already landed in Detroit, as is evidenced by this larger and much better photo that Ford also chose not to use in its “Exciting News!” post:

That face you make when that Detroit cold hits you.. Good to have boots on the ground with my @sevenbucksprod team for our big FORD commercial. Let’s do this. I’ve been dreaming about a white Christmas. #FORD #SevenBucks #DwantaClaus ☃️??

A photo posted by therock (@therock) on

So, hey, stay tuned. Like the thing said, more to come. Given that it’s been more than a year since the last time The Rock did a commercial for Ford, they should have something good in store.

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