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Ford Windscreen Weather Station Stops Foggy Glass

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Comparison between fogged and non-fogged windows with Ford Windscreen Weather Station
I can see clearly now, the fog is gone (thanks to Windscreen Weather Station)
Photo: Ford

Ford has developed a new sensor system called Windscreen Weather Station that helps prevent windshields from fogging up. The feature is being pushed as particularly useful for folks who work out, with Ford saying “our exertions sometimes lead to the inside of the windscreen misting up.”

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Exertions, huh? We know what you’re talking around here, Ford. We all saw Titanic.*

Windscreen Weather Station saves time, cuts emissions

Windscreen Weather Station Ford
A close-up of the Windscreen Weather Station system
Photo: Ford

Ford’s Windscreen Weather Station aids against fogged windscreens — even amid the most strenuous exertions — by detecting moisture in the air and the temperature of the windshield. Several sensors located on the glass near the rearview mirror use this information to automatically turn on the air conditioning and regulating power to ensure the glass stays clear.

“Waiting for your windscreen to clear after exercising is one of life’s little irritations — but driving without being able to clearly see the view ahead can be dangerous,” said Ford of Europe’s supervisor of Climate Controls and Attributes, Ingo Krolewski. “This technology anticipates the problem and deals with it without the driver even knowing.”

The technology is currently available on the Ford Kuga and Explorer, and Ford says it helps the SUVs minimize emissions. Select Ford vehicles are also available with QuickClear technology, a windshield de-icer that melts away ice in a matter of seconds.

New tech great for athletes (and others)

Windscreen Weather Station makes for clearer views
Way to share the road, bruh
Photo: Ford

To drive home the exercise angle so that nobody associates fogged windshields with anything else, Ford cites the Sport England Active Lives survey conducted from March to June this year. According to the survey, the number of runners in the United Kingdom rose 1.5 percent to 731,000. The number of cyclists also rose, hitting 1.2 million. The survey attributes the upticks to COVID-19 shutting down indoor gyms and workout facilities.

So if you’re one of the thousands of runners or cyclists in the U.K. who’s breathing heavily after a workout — or if your windshield happens to fog up for any other reason — the Ford Kuga and Explorer keep you in the clear with the Windscreen Weather Station.

*I still haven’t, actually, much to the chagrin of my wife.

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