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Georgia Will Still Require New Drivers to Take a Road Test

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DMV office. Georgia waives road test.
DMV office
Photo: Steve Morgan via CC

In April, Georgia lifted its road test requirement for new drivers, enabling teens to receive their driver’s license by simply filling out a form online and getting their parents’ permission. However, Governor Brian Kemp has now clarified that these drivers will eventually need to take the test or risk having their license suspended.

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Georgia’s guidelines for new drivers

In a typical week before the pandemic, the Georgia Department of Driver Services stated that roughly 5,000 individuals took their driving test. About 30,000 people were waiting to take the test when Georgia initially announced that it would be waiving practical testing. Since then, about 20,000 people have received their driver’s license without taking the test.

Teens were able to forego testing while Georgia was in a declared Public State of Emergency, though this officially expired on May 13. Nevertheless, with the rapidly changing landscape of the world, there’s always the possibility that Georgia could declare an emergency again during this pandemic.

On May 12, Governor Brian Kemp specified in an executive order that these new drivers will still need to take the practical test, but they have until Sept. 30 to do so. Anyone who doesn’t take their test by that point will have their license suspended.

With much of Georgia open for business right now, teens may be able to now complete their road test with little issue. However, there’s always a possibility that the state could close down again and that the Sept. 30 deadline for taking the test could be pushed back.

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Wisconsin has also announced that it is following in Georgia’s footsteps and postponing the road test requirement. We at The News Wheel will let you know if there are any other major developments to the situation. Hopefully, the newest drivers hitting the road stay safe and make the trip to the DMV for testing soon.