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Get a Taste of Home Cooking with the “Nissan Family Cookbook”

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Nissan Family Cookbook
Photo: Nissan

Like all of 2020, the holidays were more than a little unorthodox — but Nissan wanted to bring a taste of tradition back to the season. To do so, the automaker has asked its thousands of hardworking U.S. manufacturing employees to share their favorite family recipes. Those tasty treats have been compiled into the new “Nissan Family Cookbook” as the company’s way to give back to its customers and community.

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A look inside the “Nissan Family Cookbook”

The collection contains over 140 different recipes, ranging from soups and salads to main courses and desserts. Since we’ve all been staying home a lot more than usual, you could find a new dish to add to your rotation of home-cooked meals.

“The diversity of our customers is reflected in our employees and is a key ingredient of our success. Since we come from a wide variety of backgrounds, there is much we can share with each other. It’s part of what makes us more like family than co-workers,” the foreword reads.

Steve Marsh, senior vice president, manufacturing, supply chain and purchasing at Nissan North America, concurred with the foreword. He praised the manufacturing crew’s ingenuity in the kitchen, further stating “The kitchen is typically the center of holiday activity. It’s where everybody wants to be, and there’s no reason why this can’t continue, even during these unprecedented times.”

A look at a few recipes

After flipping through the cookbook, I noticed that many of the recipes contained canned goods, making them particularly handy for the pandemic. Whether you’ve stocked up your pantry shelves or are receiving food bank donations, you just might find some tasty ways to put a new twist on your nonperishable food items.

On top of offering a welcome splash of variety, many of the recipes in the cookbook have sweet backstories behind them. For instance, Christy Boisseau, who works at the Nissan Smyrna Vehicle Assembly Plant in Tennessee, submitted one of her dad’s recipes. The dish, entitledBoss Hogg’s Tennessee Swamp Cabbage” is a hearty chili-like meal that incorporates potatoes, jalapeno peppers, sausage, and hamburger meat.

The spicy soup has been a hit at Smyrna plant gatherings. “My dad, Tim ‘Boss Hogg’ Boisseau, retired from the Smyrna plant a few years ago. His recipe is well-known and I’m happy to keep the family tradition going by sharing it with our Nissan family and neighbors,” Boisseau said of her entry.

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The “Nissan Family Cookbook” is available as a free downloadable PDF.