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Harley-Davidson Ditches Ford for GMC Collaboration on New Harley Edition Sierra

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2020 GMC Harley edition Sierra
The appealing results of combining the Sierra with Harley
Photo: Harley-Davidson

Alas, poor Ford. We hardly knew ye.

Legendary motorcycle-producing powerhouse Harley-Davidson has decided to shake things up with its latest collaboration. In an unexpected departure, the company’s newest high-end offering has them partnering with GMC on their latest Harley edition Sierra, leaving Ford – a fruitful partner of 20 years – in the proverbial dust.

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Harley-Davidson makes the newest GMC Sierra a sight to behold

Why is this Harley edition Sierra a big deal?

The biggest reason is Harley-Davidson’s history of partnership with Ford. Beginning all the way back in 2000 with an exciting appearance package created by Harley to compliment Ford’s F-150 SuperCab, the two companies forged a bond that led to a number of unique vehicles. The formula was simple: Ford provided the vehicle, and Harley added a bevy of aesthetically pleasing modifications, including leather interiors, extra lights, and bumpers.

With Ford and Harley’s latest effort being a slightly revised 2019 F-150, there was little reason to think that the latter company might have a wandering eye. But the beginning of 2020 brought news that, despite two decades of success as partners, Harley had teamed up with GMC, rather than Ford, for its latest collaboration.

And what a collaboration it is. A mere 250 of GMC’s newest Sierra models have been modified with Harley-Davidson’s unique visual touch, with more than 65 additions made to the normal run of the truck. These include an all-leather interior decked out with HD’s famous insignia, an LED light bar in the front bumper, a redesigned rear bumper and fender flares, a solid aluminum, duel tipped exhaust system, and plenty of recurring Harley logos.

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If that isn’t enough, Harley went the extra mile by making several hardware upgrades to the truck, including a BDS suspension lift, Fox shocks, and 35-inch all-terrain tires.

The price point for this bad boy? Only $94,995. So start saving!