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Heritage Series Pony Concept Pays Tribute to Hyundai Icon

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Rear side view of Hyundai Heritage Series Pony concept
Photo: Hyundai

With the new Heritage Series Pony concept car, Hyundai can reflect on its rich legacy while working toward an exciting electrified future.

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On display now at Hyundai Motorstudio Busan in South Korea, the Heritage Series Pony concept integrates the retro look of the famous Hyundai Pony car with an array of sharp-looking modern details.

Hyundai Heritage Series Pony concept front seats, dash, and steering wheel
Photo: Hyundai

The Pony represented a huge milestone when it first came out in 1975. It was South Korea’s first mass-produced and exported vehicle, paving the way for the country’s — and Hyundai’s — current prominence in the global auto industry.

The hatchback exterior of the Heritage Series Pony concept preserves the vision of original Pony designer Giorgetto Giugiaro while adding a variety of attractive new touches. These include a silver matte finish and camera mirrors mounted on the front fenders. The twinned round headlights, daytime running lights, and U-shaped taillights show off a futuristic pixelated LED design.

Close-up of vacuum tube instrument panel in Hyundai Heritage Series Pony concept
Photo: Hyundai

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The interior looks to the past with a classic-looking door design and nifty instrument panel gauges made from lighted vacuum tubes. It also looks to the future with a voice-activated steering wheel, ambient lighting, a compartment for a smartphone, and digital touch transmission controls. A last-mile personal mobility device is tucked into a steel case and stashed in the trunk.

Hyundai didn’t release any details on Heritage Series Pony’s powertrain, and as a concept vehicle that’s mainly intended for display, it may not even have one installed. However, it’s definitely designed to look like a fully electric vehicle.

Front side view of Hyundai Heritage Series Pony concept
Photo: Hyundai

It’s highly unlikely that the Heritage Series Pony will ever be mass-produced like the original. That being said, many of the modern features it showcases could soon show up in Hyundai’s production vehicles. For example, the upcoming Ioniq 5 presents pixelated headlights very similar to the ones seen on the Pony concept.

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