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Holiday Vehicle Spotlight: The Old Man’s Oldsmobile from ‘A Christmas Story’

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"Some men are Baptists, others Catholics. My father was an Oldsmobile man."

A Christmas Story Old Man family 1938 Touring Sedan car details

Everyone has their favorite Christmas movie, and for many people, that film is A Christmas Story. The 1983 adaptation of the writings of Jean Shepherd has become a beloved (though admittedly over-commercialized) staple of yuletide entertainment. So many scenes of it feel like they can be taken directly from our childhoods.

One of the aspects of A Christmas Story that make it feel authentic to the period in which it takes place is the presence of many historically accurate cars, a major one being the family car: a 1938 Oldsmobile Touring Sedan.

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Details on the A Christmas Story Family Sedan

A Christmas Story Flat tire oldsmobile car oh fudge scene

Singing “Jingle Bells” in the Oldsmobile
Photo: MGM/UA Entertainment Co.

The object of the Old Man’s affection (in addition to his “major award”), the Parker family Oldsmobile actually was a major headache for the family, often stalling out and falling apart.

The blue four-door sedan shows up in multiple memorable scenes from the movie, particularly the “Ohhhh fuuuuuuudge” fiasco when Ralphie’s helping his dad change a flat tire on the car. You can also see the family’s primary mode of transportation parked outside their house and the Chinese restaurant.

The model originally cost an affordable $900 MSRP and offered enough fuel efficiency, power, and size to function as a family vehicle. Its six-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive gave it enough muscle to transport a family and their Christmas tree. 140,000 models were produced, and the one used in the movie was donated by a local Cleveland car collector.

You can see the original 1938 Oldsmobile Touring Sedan used in the scene on display in the garage next to the A Christmas Story House & Museum in Cleveland, Ohio.

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1938 Oldsmobile Touring Sedan Photo Gallery