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How to Buy the Right Seat Covers For Your Vehicle

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January through early March is sometimes referred to as “Mud Season.” Melting snow and excess rain join forces to spread puddles, turn your yard into a swamp, and (ultimately) increase the amount of mud you track into your vehicle.

No wonder this time of year is so popular for buying seat covers. If you’re on the market for this accessory, here are a few key strategies to keep in mind to make sure you buy the right product for your needs and particular vehicle.

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Determine Your Needs

Seat covers come in a variety of materials and unique features. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer number of products out there. Maybe your goal is simply cosmetic; in that case, a colorful patterned nylon cover might be best. Suede, sheepskin, and velour fabric covers are comfortable, but not usually water resistant. Neoprene covers should fit the bill if your primary goal is to protect your seating upholstery from getting wet.

Choose the Quantity

Some people prefer to sheath just the front seats, while others invest in covers for every seat in their vehicle. If you use your car mainly for one- or two-person commutes, you might need just two seat covers. If you tend to transport multiple passengers on a regular basis (e.g. kids, ride share  clients, coworkers), then you might want to consider protecting all of your seats.

Consider Style 

There’s also a range of styles that seat covers can come in. Some are sporty, while others are more posh. For example, if you have an agile ride like a Mustang or a Charger, you might opt for two-tone covers in black and red. If you use your vehicle to transport clients, you might select a more lavish option such as padded leather seat covers, for a more formal driving experience.

Select the Right Size

Make sure to know your vehicle’s make and model information before you purchase a seat cover. If you’re not sure the product will fit your vehicle’s seats, ask a customer service representative. Another tip is to buy seat covers from your car’s manufacturer, since they’ll be custom designed to fit the seats of your particular vehicle.

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