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Hyundai and BoostUp Partner for 2015 Sonata Promotion

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2015 Sonata - Hyundai and BoostUp

The 2015 Hyundai Sonata

Today, Hyundai Motor America announced that the Hyundai and BoostUp partnership, which began in November of 2009, will now offer something new and exciting to consumers. Hyundai, which was the first automotive company to partner with BoostUp, will also be the first BoostUp partner to offer an immediate financial “Boost” to a user’s account with the brand’s promotion for the all-new 2015 Hyundai Sonata.


In fact, Hyundai will instantly deposit $500 into the accounts of any BoostUp users who are saving up for the all-new Sonata.

“We are extremely excited about the all-new Sonata and see our partnership with BoostUp as a perfect way to help today’s smart car buyers,” said Nathan Miller, senior group manager, Incentives, Hyundai Motor America. “Through our partnership with BoostUp, we are creating more dynamic incentive capabilities to support new car purchases and give prospective customers a hassle-free savings platform that comes with a $500 Starter Boost to get them into their next ride.”

John Morgan, Founder and CEO of BoostUp, added, “The Sonata promotion is unique to BoostUp, as our users won’t have to wait until the end of the buying process to receive their ‘Boost’ from one of our partners. The goal of BoostUp is for users to save for life’s big purchases, and what better way to reward them for doing so than by immediately giving them $500 toward the purchase of a great vehicle like the Sonata.”


Pricing for the 2015 Sonata begins at $21,150. The all-new Sonata will hit dealerships later this year.