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Hyundai Introduces New Interactive Billboard to Times Square

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Hyundai Introduces New Interactive Billboard to Times Square

Mr. Brilliant sits in his digital apartment above Times Square. Photo: Hyundai Media

Always a company to utilize unique and artistic advertising methods (if not always successful), Hyundai has released their latest in their series of interactive billboards in Times Square: Hyundai Brilliant Interactive Art.

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Hyundai Introduces New Interactive Billboard: Mr. Brilliant

Hyundai Brilliant Interactive Art features the life-like Mr. Brilliant, a character “living” in a three-sided billboard in downtown Manhattan. Spectators can have their photo taken via facial recognition cameras and Mr. Brilliant will proceed to “embellish” them with vignettes and personal features. Options include a race car driver, a police officer, a tourist, an artist, and others. The final product is then screened on the billboard for the city to see.

The new billboard uses two-way communication between pedestrians’ smart phones and the camera/display techniques of the board’s screen. Hyundai’s philosophy is that increasing consumer communication in public places will make an impression on a larger audience than traditional advertising. At an intersection that receives 300,000 visitors a day, such advertising that makes people stop and take notice is necessary.

Hyundai Introduces New Interactive Billboard to Times Square

“Mr.Brilliant starts to live in the billboard now! His artwork for your brilliant days is represented in Times Square.” Photo: Hyundai Media

This latest advertising endeavor  is a follow-up to two other interactive efforts in Times Square: 2011’s Hyundai Race and 2012’s Hyundai Brilliant Image Show. The former was an interactive racing game that connected players’ smart phones to the billboard’s display. The latter filmed pedestrians and imposed their images into animated scenes, like the front seat of a Hyundai automobile. The company calls their series a strategic brand direction entitled, “Modern Premium.”

Source: Hyundai

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