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Hyundai Unveils Long-Range Electric Scooter Concept

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Hyundai electric scooter concept
Hyundai’s new electric scooter concept is compact and easily portable
Photo: Hyundai

Envision this scenario: You’re desperately trying to find parking on a crowded city street, but the only space you can find is a long walk from where you need to be — and you’re already running late.

A new long-range electric scooter concept recently introduced by Hyundai could make this situation much more bearable. Just grab the best parking spot you can find, pull the scooter from your car, and cruise effortlessly and quickly to your final destination.

“This is the vehicle-mounted scooter which could also be featured in future Hyundai Motor Group vehicles,” said DongJin Hyun, who heads up Hyundai’s robotics team. “We want to make our customers’ lives as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our personal electric scooter makes first- and last-mile commuting a joy, while helping to reduce congestion and emissions in city centers.”

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The Hyundai electric scooter prototype can travel about 12 miles on a single charge
Photo: Hyundai

Hyundai’s scooter prototype is designed to integrate with and be charged on board a larger Hyundai vehicle, using electricity generated during each drive. It carries a lithium battery and can travel more than 12 miles on a single charge, making it well-suited for a wide range of urban distances. Along with last-mile situations, it’s also ideal as a replacement for short city car trips, allowing users to leave their larger vehicles at home and make the streets less crowded.

The scooter weighs only 17 pounds and can reach a top speed of around 12 mph. Its light weight and tri-folding design make it easily portable. Other features include LED headlights and taillights for after-dark travel and a digital display that tracks speed and battery charge status.

Expect to see an increasingly aggressive push by Hyundai to develop electric scooters and other “Last Mile Mobility” vehicles. The automaker cites research showing that this market is likely to grow into a $500 billion global industry by 2030.

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