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Increase in 2014 Nissan LEAF Domestic Content

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2014 Nissan LEAF domestic content

2014 Nissan LEAF

According to Green Car Reports, Nissan has upped the amount of North American content used in its Nissan LEAF, making it more competitive in that regard with the Volt and Focus Electric, both products of American automakers.

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Reportedly, the first U.S.-produced Nissan LEAFS (out of Smyrna, Tennessee) contained just 15 percent North American content. However, 2014 Nissan LEAF domestic content comes in at 35 percent. Another 40 percent of the content is Japanese, and the remaining 25 percent is spread across several countries. The 35 percent domestic content brings the LEAF much closer to the 45 percent domestic product Volt and the 40 percent domestic content Focus Electric. The Tesla Model S, however, was listed at 55 percent as of last year.

Nissan promises that it is always working to use more localized content in its product. Green Car Reports expects the amount of domestic content to grow steadily as the number of domestically produced EVs grows. Makes sense.

How important is domestic content to you, and is the 2014 Nissan LEAF domestic content percentage enough sway you away from an American electric vehicle like the Volt?

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