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Latest Buick Commercial Highlights the Enclave’s Family-Friendly Amenities

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Photo: Buick

The latest Buick commercial about the Enclave comes just in time for your family vacation this summer. The clip gives the viewer an inside look of the seven-passenger interior of an Enclave, as a five-person family embarks on a road trip.

The earth toned brown leather seating symbolizes the grounded nature of this stable SUV that comes with available all-wheel drive, for extra grip on slippery roads. The blue clothing that the family wears symbolizes the trustworthiness of the Buick brand which earned it the 2017 Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Mass Market Brands award from J.D. Power.

Photo: Buick

Although the footage is just 30 seconds long, it relays a concise message about the positive qualities of the 2018 Enclave. Throughout the journey, the youngest son bombards his parents with a barrage of questions, some of them which conveniently highlight certain features available on the SUV. The parents access the sunroof and navigation function of the infotainment system. The son asks his dad if he packed the kombucha, a question which implies the ample storage capacity of the Enclave (it yields a maximum cargo volume of 97.6 cubic feet, in case you were wondering).

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The commercial concludes with the Enclave arriving at a picturesque campsite as the sun sets—where the family witnesses a bear “poo in the tent,” as the young son points out. The camera lens then focuses in on the rearview mirror which extends the dad’s line of vision as he nimbly backs up the Enclave and drives away from the bear incident. The final shot depicts the SUV leaving the campsite in a cloud of dust, which indicates to the reliable acceleration and sporty agility of the model.

Photo: Buick

To explore the full range of available features of this contemporary family hauler, check out the 2018 Enclave overview here.

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