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Latest Buick Regal Commercials Draw Inspiration from Freudian Psychology

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Watch as a man turns to manifestations of his id, ego, and superego for help in determining which Buick Regal model to buy

Get ready as we psychoanalyze a Buick Regal commercial

Three of the most famous psychological concepts ever developed are the id, ego, and superego. First described by Sigmund Freud, these three aspects of the psyche play a role in a person’s decision-making process.

The id is the “pleasure” principle, appealing to basic human instincts. The superego is best described as the “morality” principle, discouraging these base instincts. The ego is the “reality” principle, a compromise between the id and superego that helps guide a person to make rational decisions.

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Due to the fact that these concepts have a lot to do with making decisions, advertisers have relied on appealing to the id, ego, and superego for decades. The latest company to employ these concepts in order to sell a product is Buick with its latest round of Buick Regal ads.

These ads conceptualize the id, ego, and superego as miniature versions of a man that is deciding which 2018 Buick Regal model to go with. Speaking on behalf of the Buick Regal GS is a id-driven version of the unnamed man. This manifestation of his desire for power on the road emphasizes the 310 horsepower that the Regal GS provides.

On the man’s other shoulder sits a miniature version of himself all decked out in white clothing. He highlights all of the available space that the Regal Sportback provides.

This version of the man could potentially personify either the ego or superego. While his reasons for the Regal Sportback highlight rational and reality-based benefits, such as added interior room, he constantly comes into conflict with the more id-driven version of the man’s psyche, as the superego would, indicating that he represents the superego in this scenario.

The final conceptualization of the man comes in the form of a mountain climber, who highlights the all-wheel drive capabilities of the Buick Regal TourX. He seems to be a compromise between two other manifestations of the man’s psyche, as represented by his position between the two, and his reasons to support the Regal TourX can also be seen as rational, as all-wheel drive is a useful feature for those who live in areas with frequent winter weather. Therefore, he most likely represents the ego.

With all three aspects of the man’s mind disagreeing about which Regal vehicle to choose, he asks for a second opinion from a woman named “Jess.” Unfortunately, she has three similar psychological manifestations, each vying for different versions of the Buick Regal.

Should drivers fuel their basic needs for performance on the road with the Regal GS, prioritize the space and technology found within the Regal Sportback, and compromise with a versatile vehicle that performs great off-road with the Regal TourX? Ultimately, it is up to each customer to decide which Buick Regal is right for them.

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