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Lexus Equipped with Ice Wheels is Seriously Cool

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Lexus NX Ice Tires

While this winter is off to a pretty warm start across the country, there is still a lot of the season left to go. In the coldest regions, how a vehicle handles on ice is a pretty big consideration when purchasing a new car. Lexus in Europe decided to change the meaning of “driving on ice” by unveiling a Lexus NX equipped with wheels and tires of solid ice.

Lexus NX Ice Tires

Lexus partnered with Hamilton Ice Sculptors of London to create the unique wheels. Hamilton Ice Sculptors has more than 35 years of experience, and is known for defying expectations with its cool pieces of art. It took the two companies about three months of intense design research to build frozen wheels that could hold the weight of the Lexus NX crossover.

The final wheels were carved by hand with Japanese steel chisels and tools by four sculptors crafting for about 36 hours. LED lights were added for an extra dose of “wow”.

Hamilton Ice Sculptors of London

Once the wheels were designed, the car and wheels were deep-frozen and then stored at -30 degrees Celsius for five days before driving down a London road with its new tires. Besides the Lexus’s cool wheels, the automaker would like everyone to know that the vehicle started on the first try after it’s time in the freezer.