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Lexus LFA with a NASCAR V8 is Ready to Drift

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2012 Lexus LFA

2012 Lexus LFA as it was built

When car enthusiasts own pricey sports cars, they have a dilemma to face. Do they keep their new collectable safe in the garage, or do they take it out for a spin as often as possible? One owner of the exclusive Lexus LFA decided to take his out for a spin. No, really, he took it out for a spin. The car has now been fitted to be the perfect drift vehicle.

Video: Lexus LFA Drifts Like a Pro

The Lexus LFA is an exclusive luxury model that remains one of the most expensive Japanese road cars ever built, with a starting price of $375,000. It was only produced for two years, making it not only costly but relatively rare. When Lexus was building the cars, buyers had to fill out purchase applications to become eligible, and only 500 vehicles were scheduled to be produced. The cars built in this limited run were assembled by hand, meaning that only 20 Lexus LFAs could roll off of the assembly line in one month.

Professional drifter Youichi Imamura found a totaled Lexus LFA with significant flood damage, and he couldn’t let it be scrapped. He took the stock Yamaha V10 engine and replaced it with a Toyota NASCAR V8 engine and modified the body. All of his work to restore the car has made it an excellent drifter.

Video: Lexus LFA Races the Competition

It’s nice to see that an exclusive and rare car that met an unfortunate end has been given another opportunity to own the road.

News Source: Jalopnik