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How to Locate The Cheapest Gas In Your Area

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gasoline pump entering a blue car's fuel tank at a gas station
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Finding the best price on gas can be tricky, especially if you’re on a road trip and are unfamiliar with the area. The following apps and resources can help steer you to the best gas prices in town so you can fill up while protecting your savings.

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Popular app

You’ll find real-time gas prices when you access the GasBuddy app. This app has been around since 2000, so it’s a proven option when you want to pay the least amount possible at a pump near you. Whether you have an Apple or Google device, this app can work for you.

Check gas and earn money

The GetUpside app not only shows you gas prices but also gives you money.

“App users can scan a copy of their receipts to earn a little change back each time they fuel up. The perk is also available at grocery stores and restaurants. However, it only applies to select locations,” according to Family Handyman writer Alex Shoemaker.

Insurance company

If you’re a GEICO customer, you can use the car insurance company website’s search function to compare gas prices. The app shows prices after you put in your zip code to generate the search. You’ll get a visual of gas stations, too, on the map feature.

Map it out

You may not use MapQuest anymore for turn-by-turn directions thanks to your smartphone or in-car navigation system, but you can still take advantage of its gas price monitoring service.

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Finding the cheapest gas prices can help you save money when you’re commuting to work, enjoying a long drive, or running around town taking care of errands. These apps and resources can make the search easier.