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Man Crates Review: These Gifts Aren’t for Wimps

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Man Crates NASCAR Barware Crate Review Unboxing contents Dale Earnhardt Jr wood package

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“Goodie” crates–whether subscription or single-purchase–are a popular, lucrative business these days, bringing fresh products into the hands of new customers. But, most of these services only promote geeky collectibles and organic cuisine, which won’t appeal to many of the “old-fashioned” (in a good way) men you know. Considering how difficult it is to find good gifts for such men, why aren’t there more appropriate “goodie” packages on the market?

Man Crates, a company based out of California, is making shopping for yourself and your friends easier by offering a selection of over 50 different themed crates filled with quality, practical contents that will undoubtedly appease any man–and some women–in your life.

Unboxing Man Crates: Review of the NASCAR Barware Crate

Product: Man Crates’ NASCAR Barware Crate with Dale Earnhardt Jr. branding
Ages: 21 and up (assuming you’re gonna drink beer out of those glasses)
MSRP: $99.99
Website: http://www.mancrates.com/

Product Information: What Are Man Crates?

What can I say about Man Crates that isn’t already disclosed in its name? Man Crates sells small wooden crates that are filled with a variety of contents to appeal to different hobbies–most having a traditionally masculine appeal. They’re single-purchase packages whose contents include a variety of tasty snacks and useful tools. Prices for a pre-filled gift crate range from $40-$150, depending on its size and contents.

But these aren’t simply packages that you unwrap with your fingers or a delicate letter-opener. What’s really unique is that wooden crate the contents are shipped in. Forgoing the bows and tissue paper, these crates require a crowbar (provided with the shipment) to open–which is bound to bring a smile to even the manliest curmudgeon.

Man Crates are offered in over 50 different themes, including the NASCAR Barware package we at The News Wheel received.

Man Crates NASCAR Barware Crate Review Unboxing contents Dale Earnhardt Jr table

Product Packaging & Contents Quality

The NASCAR Barware Crate comes with a variety of snacks and beer-related devices suitable for a race day party or daily use. It’s offered in one of three varieties, with its four pint glasses bearing the officially licensed branding of Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jimmie Johnson, or Chase Elliot (buyer’s choice). In addition, the crate includes

  • 4 Rubber Tire Coasters
  • 1 Bottle Opener Wrench
  • BBQ-flavored Corn Nuggets (4 oz)
  • A Bar Mix of Beer Nuts (3.25 oz)
  • CB’s In-Shell Ballpark Style Jumbo Peanuts (12 oz)

And yes, there’s the provided, specially-branded mini-crowbar included to open the wooden parcel. It’s a lot harder to open the crate than you’d imagine, without relying on a hammer or screwdriver to break into it and get leverage. Instead of using nails to keep the wood in place, Man Crates utilizes an abundance of glue, which makes opening it safer and also more challenging.

Inside, the contents are tightly packaged in specifically-designed cardboard slots and packing paper. If the box gets rattled around during opening, it won’t damage the goods.Speaking of which, the prizes are practical and durable, things that will actually be used instead of laying in a drawer. The pint glasses are thick and heavy, and all the snacks are fresh.

Man Crates NASCAR Barware Crate Review Unboxing contents Dale Earnhardt Jr Aaron

Instructions for Use of Product

Instructions?! Men don’t need instructions! If you can’t figure out how to open this crate without being told, then you don’t deserve what’s inside.

As far as purchasing a Man Crate, the website’s step-by-step purchasing options are a breeze. Simply add the crate you want to your shopping cart, include a free gift note, select a shipping date (typically ships the same or following day as purchased if unspecified), and add payment/address details. You can even add a “Diabolical Duct Tape Cocoon” to your order, and the box will be wrapped tightly in layers of grey tape.

Now all you have to do is watch the recipient open it!

Man Crates NASCAR Barware Crate Review Unboxing contents Dale Earnhardt Jr shipment

Overall Assessment: Is It as Awesome As It Claims?

Man Crates NASCAR Barware Crate Review Unboxing contents Dale Earnhardt Jr openingI know many men who aren’t into pop culture and are tired of receiving socks, colognes, ball caps, and vouchers to romantic restaurants as impersonal gifts. Such items simply don’t appeal to everyone, leading to a perceived lack of thought by the giver for the recipient. The limited selection of gift options offered for traditional men in our progressive world is disappointing, so it’s exciting to see the variety of robust, hands-on, practical gear offered by Man Crates.

But that doesn’t mean that Man Crates are only for people with limited interests.

Rather than zeroing in on a single stereotype of what a “real man” should be interested in, Man Crates does honor to its moniker by offering over 50 different themed crates for a variety of interests, such as Beard Wrangler, Pizza Grilling, Outdoor Survival, Zombie Annihilation, Game Night, Military Care, and even a selection of personalized barware sets. Man Crates (in spite of its clever marketing moniker) are suitable for both men and women for their high-caliber contents and unique packaging method.

As for the NASCAR Barware Crate, it’s exactly what you’d hope to get in a package like this. No dinky novelty items or kids’ toys here; these are practical, durable items you’d be proud to give or receive. The snacks are tasty, the glasses are durable, and the accessories are a lot of fun. It’s a great way to enhance someone’s existing barware collection with NASCAR-themed items, or as the foundation of a brand-new collection.Man Crates NASCAR Barware Crate Review Unboxing contents Dale Earnhardt Jr inside

While the crate’s price is notably higher than the total value of the its contents, the contents are all high-caliber and well-crafted. Plus, you’re not just paying for a thrifty collection of disposable knickknacks; the Man Crates appeal is also (even more so) about the experience of opening it while your friends and family cheer you on. For a single-purchase shipment for someone special, it’s worth the splurge.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful, suitable present for a NASCAR party, for a birthday, for Father’s Day, or even for Mother’s Day, there’s a Man Crate that’s sure to fit the bill.

If the rest of the packages measure up to the same worthiness as the NASCAR Barware Crate, you can’t go wrong with what you buy (and if you do, Man Crates has its 100% satisfaction guarantee, aka the High Five Guarantee). I highly enjoyed opening mine and feasting on the spoils inside.

The NASCAR Barware Crate (and other  awesome, themed packages) is purchasable online via Man Crates’ website.

Product provided for review by manufacturer.

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