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Man Reunited with 1993 Ford Mustang He Sold for Wife’s Cancer Treatments

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Laura and Wesley Ryan reunited with 1993 Ford Mustang
Photo: Ford Motor Company

A common component of the American Dream: owning a high-powered sports coupe like the super-duper-American Ford Mustang. Not so much a part of the American Dream but very much a part of the American Reality: Having to stave off financial ruin when a loved one is dealing with a medical emergency or illness.

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Wesley and Laura Ryan know both sides of the proverbial coin. In 2001, Laura was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and Wesley sold his white 1993 Ford Mustang to help cover the bills. Seventeen years later, the Ryans’ children, Jeni and Jake, discovered that their dad’s Mustang was being sold by another couple for the same purpose of covering cancer-related medical bills. Ain’t that America!

The kids bought the Mustang back as a surprise for their dad and mom, who is now cancer-free. But benevolent rich guy and Ford Motor Company Executive Chairman Bill Ford heard the story and decided to take it one step further by commissioning the restoration and modification of the 1993 Mustang through Hennessey Performance. In August, other benevolent rich guy Henry Ford III gave the Ryan family the keys at Ford World Headquarters.  

“To see how Wes reacted to seeing his car again, it just goes to show how passionate our customers are about Mustang,” said Ford III. “This family is such an inspiration to all of us; what they’ve gone through, how they’ve persevered and the sacrifices they made — it’s great that Ford got to be a part of that.”

Good on you, Ford and benevolent rich guys of Ford. All things considered, it’s a heartwarming, feel-good story, but it would also be nice if we could somehow luck into a future where stories like this don’t have to transpire because people don’t have to bankroll their healthcare needs by selling their most valued personal effects or going into insurmountable debt.

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