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Matthew Moroun Confirms Ford Has Purchased Michigan Central Station After Three Minutes of Self-Congratulation

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Michigan Central Station - Albert Duce

Photo: Albert Duce

Just five days shy of the 115th anniversary of the incorporation of Ford Motor Company, the Moroun family wrapped up the ongoing will-they-or-won’t-they drama surrounding the automaker’s purchase of Michigan Central Station in Detroit.

Matthew Moroun took to a podium in front of the once-vibrant transportation hub on Monday to expound on the history of the depot after his family began to purchase it in parts in 1992. He made great pains to pat himself and his father on the back for keeping the station standing despite ostensibly leaving it to rot for a quarter century.

After about three minutes of bloviating, he announced that his family is indeed selling the property to Ford:

The deal is complete. The future of the depot is assured. The next steward of the building is the right one for its future. The depot will become a shiny symbol of Detroit’s progress and its success. Ford Motor Company’s blue oval will adorn the building. I thank Bill Ford, Ford Motor, and the Ford family for their vision and commitment to this building.

After this statement, Moroun continued to read from his notes, praising his father Manuel Moroun for passing on to him the ability to stand by his beliefs “even when short-sighted, conventional wisdom folks are hurling rocks.” Certainly, everyone in attendance was very impressed.

Matthew Moroun announces sale of Michigan Central Station

Pictured: A very, very impressive man who doesn’t care how many rocks you throw at him

When he was done talking about his family’s greatness, Moroun confirmed that Ford has also acquired another building that was once a Detroit schools book depository. He did not divulge how much Ford is paying for the property.

The acquisition of Michigan Central Station is the key in Ford’s planned revamp of the Corktown neighborhood. Ford is expected to outline its plans on June 19, per Detroit Free Press. Hopefully that press conference is more productive and less self-congratulatory than Moroun’s, which you’ll find below.

News Source: Detroit Free Press