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Mazda Reaches 5 Millionth Mazda3 Produced

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2015 Mazda3 Exterior

Step aside for a second, MX-5, Mazda recently reached a historic milestone with one of its other small vehicles: at the end of April, the Mazda3 has reached five million units of total production volume. This is a new record for Mazda, as the Mazda3 achieved this figure in 12 years and 10 months, faster than the only other Mazda to reach that production volume, the Mazda Familia.

This is happy news for Mazda, as the Mazda3 is one of the brand’s core models, solely accounting for about a third of the company’s yearly sales. It is produced in several locations, including the Hofu Plant in Japan, the Changan Mazda Automobile Company, Ltd. In China, AutoAlliance in Thailand, and Mazda de Mexico Vehicle Operation in Mexico, as well as assembly taking place in Malaysia and Vietnam.

For those that have been watching the Mazda3, this is hardly a surprise, as the compact car has been raking in award after award, recently taking the top spot in’s “10 Coolest Cars Under $18,000” list for the third year in a row (the Mazda3 has been on the list every year since its inception). In addition, the Mazda3 was called the “Best Compact” car by Good Housekeeping, one of Car and Driver‘s 10Best, and above all “Most Loved” by Strategic Vision’s Consumer Love Index Report.

Oh, and if the rumors are true, the Mazda3 could soon be seeing a small, interesting facelift similar to the one given to the Mazda6.