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Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Can Now Activate Amazon Alexa and Google Home

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Don’t worry, reading this article won’t accidentally activate your Google device

Google Home and Amazon Alexa seem to be in the news quite a lot these days, and not always for the best reasons. After all, Burger King got into quite a bit of hot, flame-broiled water after activating Google Home devices with one of its commercials.

Of course, not all companies seem to be struggling while interacting with these voice-activated devices. In fact, Mercedes-Benz has decided to take its partnership with Google and Amazon one step further.

As of now, all 2016 and 2017 Mercedes-Benz models can use both Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

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By making use of both voice-activated assistants, Mercedes drivers will be able to issue a robust collection of commands for tasks involving their vehicles. For example, drivers can ask either Google or Alexa to activate their Mercedes vehicles remotely.

Furthermore, both devices can remotely lock and unlock Mercedes models and input navigation requests. It’s all part of Mercedes-Benz’s goal to make connecting customers with their technology easier than ever.

This all might become complicated if you named your car “Alexa”

“We want to offer our customers a broad range of services 24/7, not just when they are in our cars,” says Nils Schanz, Head of IoT and Wearable Integration at MBRDNA. “Mercedes-Benz’s goal is creating an intelligent ecosystem around cars, and developing cutting-edge technology to make everyday life more convenient for our customers.”

Of course, before Mercedes owners can integrate Alexa and Google into their vehicles, they must first activate a Mercedes me account. Access to Mercedes me requires an active subscription to the Mercedes mbrace program.

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The new Google Home and Amazon Alexa Mercedes service is currently only available to drivers in the United States. However, the program should be available in Europe later this year.

Let’s just hope that using Google Home and Amazon Alexa for your driving needs doesn’t lead to any unforeseen consequences.