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Mitsubishi ASX Rendering Adds Touch of eX Concept Design

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Mitsubishi ASX Rendering

X-Tomi Designs have created a rendering of the Mitsubishi ASX with styling influences from the new eX Concept car
Photo: X-Tomi Designs

In the global market, the Mitsubishi ASX makes a splash all on its own—but we think it could be even more successful if it looked more like the new Mitsubishi eX concept car we mentioned earlier this week. It could even be the most successful car in its class.

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We finally got a glimpse at what the Mitsubishi ASX would look like if it had a taste of the eX concept’s styling, thanks to X-Tomi Design. With a high hood line, visor-like headlights, and a stylish upper grille, the rendering of this crossover is modern and imposing. This crossover is truly a standout—one that we would love to see out on the road.

X-Tomi Design’s rendering originally started out as the eX Concept, which is an electric compact SUV. While the eX Concept had little touches like tiny side mirrors and some stunning integrated door handles, the ASX rendering is significantly more rugged with a muscular silhouette, every-day side mirrors, and door handles, too.

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A floating C-Pillar design adds a twist to the design, giving the rendering a unique touch. There’s no denying that if the ASX looked like this in real life, the crossover’s sales would be absolutely off the charts.

Hopefully, Mitsubishi will take note from X-Tomi’s designs sometime soon.

News Source: X-Tomi Design Facebook