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Mitsubishi Launches a Diesel Version of the Eclipse Cross in Japan

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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross diesel engine version
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross diesel engine version
Photo: Mitsubishi Motors

Available in over 100 countries, The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has become a widespread option on the global market. The crossover will expand its appeal even further with the launch of a diesel version, which will make its initial debut in Japan.

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Features of the Eclipse Cross diesel engine version

The 2019 Eclipse Cross already features a FAST-Key passive entry system and a Super All-Wheel Control System, which allows for a safe drive in a variety of conditions. However, the new diesel version of the crossover promises to give drivers the ability to try a whole new array of outdoor experiences.

The most important new addition to the diesel version of the Eclipse Cross is the diesel engine itself. The vehicle features a 2.2-liter diesel turbo engine, which replaces the original 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. With the new engine, torque can now reach up to 380 Nm/200 (around 1.4 lb-ft).

Further expanding upon its innovative technology, the diesel version also has a Urea water system that reduces engine exhaust emissions. It breaks down and removes nitrogen oxides from the exhaust so that they do less harm to the environment.

Before the diesel engine version was announced, the 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross was awarded the “Auto Researchers & Journalists’ Conference of Japan (RJC) Car of the Year 2019″ award and has been met with high demand. Accordingly, the new diesel variant is sure to attract some awards attention of its own.

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There’s no news yet if the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross diesel engine version will be launched in the U.S., but we at The News Wheel will let you know if and when that launch occurs.