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Mitsubishi Vehicles to Be Used in Disaster Situations

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Kiyoshi Fukasawa, Yasuhiro Uchida, and Takao Kato at the ceremony Okazaki City
Kiyoshi Fukasawa, Yasuhiro Uchida, and Takao Kato at the ceremony
Photo: Mitsubishi Motors

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Chubu Mitsubishi Motor Sales Corporation, and Okazaki City in Aichi Prefecture concluded a disaster cooperation agreement. The agreement will allow Mitsubishi to more quickly supply electric vehicles to Okazaki in the event of a disaster.

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Details on the agreement with Okazaki City

Mitsubishi previously concluded a disaster cooperation agreement with Soja and Kurashiki in the prefecture. Then, on Dec. 6, Mitsubishi held a signing ceremony with its subsidiary Chubu Mitsubishi Motor Sales Corporation at the Okazaki City Hall.

The main R&D and production facilities of Mitsubishi are located in Okazaki. As such, with the disaster cooperation agreement, Mitsubishi will be able to provide electric vehicles, like the Outlander PHEV, to evacuation sites and disaster-affected areas in Okazaki. Electric vehicles can be a useful source of power after a disaster strikes.

“Natural disasters can occur anywhere at any time,” said Takao Kato, chief executive officer, MMC. “It is important to be always prepared for them. We produce Outlander PHEV at the Okazaki Plant, and I am grateful that the city officials’ deep understanding in our initiatives has led to this agreement.”

The agreement makes it so Mitsubishi doesn’t have to spend precious time re-confirming specific information with the local government. Instead, Mitsubishi will be able to aid the people of Okazaki City, which is the tenth city to conclude the agreement. In each agreement with local governments, the DENDO Community Support Program is a vital part of the process.

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Moving forward, Okazaki City will potentially make the Outlander PHEV its office cars. Mitsubishi will also work to provide electric vehicles to more areas of Japan and partner with government agencies to have the vehicles available in emergency situations.