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New Ford F-150 Commercial Asks Canadians to “Answer the Call”

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If there’s any vehicle on the market today that just kind of speaks for itself, it’s the Ford F-150. Part of the best-selling truck family in America for more than 40 years running, the F-150 is also exceedingly popular with our neighbor to the north, helping drive Ford into the position of the country’s top auto brand.

Because no legacy is built without continuously getting the word out, Ford of Canada must advertise its F-150 on various media platforms just as anyone else would. The latest commercial from Ford asks drivers considering the F-150 to “Answer the Call,” touting the truck’s best-in-class towing and various class-exclusive features.

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Note the fact that this commercial does not use a bit of narration—all the talk is done with on-screen text or through the actions of the F-150 itself. The lack of Denis Leary here is exceptionally blissful. There is, however, that kind of chugging, marching drum and guitar that accompanies footage of the F-150 towing a trailer and using innovative Pro Trailer Backup Assist to guide it into place in reverse.

Ford Canada’s strategy seems to have paid off. According to Automotive News, the ad ranked fourth among all automakers for the week of 5/8 with 729,133 views, per data pulled from AcuityAds. That’s the power of not using Denis Leary for ya.

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News Source: Automotive News (subscription required)