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New Ford Focus ST is Faster, Better, Still Not Coming to America

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2019 Ford Focus ST
2019 Ford Focus ST
Photo: Ford Motor Company

At this point, if you’re an American Focus ST enthusiast still processing and compartmentalizing the fact that the next-gen version isn’t coming to the United States, finding out how much better that new Ford Focus ST is resonates as something like a sad slap in the face. But not, like, a hearty, intentioned slap in the face. Like a sad one.

Ford has revealed that the new Focus ST will be 0.8 seconds faster than the outgoing version when climbing from 0-62 mph, doing the deed in just 5.7 seconds. The 276-horsepower Focus ST is 12 percent more powerful than the previous iteration, and by incorporating technologies like twin-scroll turbocharging, anti-lag, Launch Control, and an electronic limited-slip differential, even better all around. That feeling in your cheek? That’s the slap we were just talking about.

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“The all-new Focus ST is about more than just straight-line speed, but the ability to go toe-to-toe with the now legendary Focus RS over a quarter-mile sprint shows just how much the Ford Performance team has moved the game on in the last four years,” said Leo Roeks, Ford Performance director, Europe. “We’ve drawn inspiration from the Ford GT supercar, F‑150 Raptor pick-up, Ford Mustang, and Fiesta ST to develop a Focus ST capable of punching you in the back the moment you hit the throttle.”

UGHHHH STAHHHHHP. Normally you wouldn’t find yourself wishing hopelessly to be punched in the back (unless you’re, dunno, an insurance scammer in Russia or a person with a decade’s worth of built up rage waiting to be unleashed or something?), but here we all are.

The Focus ST also gets Continuously Controlled Damping, which monitors performance inputs every 2 milliseconds and adjusts accordingly. You’ve also got pre-set damping for Selectable Drive Modes like Normal, Slippery/Wet, Sport, and Track. Oh, and there’s an Electric Brake Booster that makes coming to a stop feel even better, and none of that really matters if you’re an American because you probably ain’t ever gonna feel it.

The all-new Ford Focus ST is slated to arrive this fall. Might be high time to start preparing your paperwork so that you can apply for European citizenship.  

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