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New Ford Focus to Feature Wide Rear View Camera That Offers Better Visibility

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New Ford Focus Wide Rear View Camera

Rear view cameras are so useful a technological advancement that they’re now mandatory equipment on all new vehicles. Taking a lot of the guess work out of craning your neck to see the space behind your vehicle, these cameras are essential for pulling out of driveways and parking spots. But even this technology has its limitations, particularly if you’re maneuvering in a high-traffic area where drivers, cyclists, or pedestrians could come screaming from around a blind corner and into the path of your vehicle.

Ford, with its new Focus, is looking to make this technology even more useful with a Wide Rear View Camera that allows you to see a 180-degree arc behind your vehicle, providing greater visibility and even more peace of mind. Coupled with Blind Spot Information System with Cross Traffic Alert, the new Ford Focus can see more of the area behind your vehicle and alert you if something is approaching from one side or another.

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“We know that for nearly all our customers, reversing is a crucial part of their daily drive—and one that some of them really don’t enjoy. This little camera is helping us to make a big step forwards in making it easier to go backwards,” said Glen Goold, Ford’s chief program engineer for Focus.

Ford cites a survey conducted by the UK’s Accident Advice Helpline, which states that four of the five most difficult driving maneuvers involves backing up.

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