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New ‘Monster Trucks’ Film Puts Twist on Coming of Age Story

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Monster Truck Film Tripp and Creech

Because who wouldn’t take a selfie if they had their own personal creature?

Every once in awhile, the movie industry puts out an iconic movie about cars. Films like the Fast & the Furious franchise, Herbie the Love Bug, and—for those comedy lovers out there—Talladega Nights remind us why we love cars so much.

Then, there are those car films that leave you sitting there, scratching your head. And we’re pretty sure Monster Trucks is the type of film that is going to do just that.

This film, which Paramount Pictures is putting out, focuses on a high school senior named Tripp (played by Lucas Till of X-Men fame) who loves to tinker with cars. In fact, Tripp is building his own—you guessed it—monster truck. Now, you might think that this movie is a coming-of-age story during which Tripp falls in love and finds himself, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

But this film happens to go one step farther.

Not only does Tripp find himself, but he does so through the help of a strange creature that was displaced after an accident at a local oil-drilling site. This creature, which looks like a mix of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, the gooey substance from Robin Williams’ Flubber, and a shark, seems to have a hankering for oil and really understands how to get a car to run. In fact, the creature, which is appropriately named “Creech” by Tripp, basically becomes Tripp’s engine, nestling itself into the monster truck’s shell.

Monster Truck Crawling Wall

If only actual monster trucks could climb walls like that

Puts a whole new spin on the word “monster truck,” eh?

But wait. This movie isn’t just about monster trucks and subterranean creatures. No, it’s about a whole lot of 3D fun. That’s right, people. Monster Trucks is in 3D.

So, while you watch the trailer below, make sure you imagine yourself wearing those awesome 3D glasses as oil barrels fly towards you. Because that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

VIDEO: Watch the Trailer for Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks is set to debut on January 13, 2017, so monster truck lovers—who also happen to enjoy a good science fiction flick—can start the New Year off right.