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Nissan and Lucasfilm Join Forces Again for ‘Star Wars’

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Solo movie logo and Nissan badgeWhen we saw the press release from Nissan about its upcoming partnership with Disney and Lucasfilm for the new Star Wars film about Han Solo, a tried-and-true statement came to our mind: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

In a move that surprises absolutely no one that has been paying attention, Lucasfilm has announced its teammates for the upcoming promotion of Solo: A Star Wars Story scheduled to be released on May 25th. Besides Nissan, Denny’s, Esurance, General Mills, SOLO Cup, and Symantec will be working with the entertainment giant to get the word out about this spin-off film. Only Nissan and General Mills have been with the Star Wars franchise since these types of partnerships were announced starting with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It’s also notable that the marketing department at Disney and Lucasfilm seems to be all about word play. Nissan was originally the perfect fit for the Rogue One film because it had an existing SUV called the Rogue, and now a film about Han Solo is working with SOLO cups.

“Our six promotional partners for Solo: A Star Wars Story have done a fantastic job developing first-class, innovative campaigns in support of the film,” says Lylle Breier, Sr. Vice President, Global Marketing Partnerships, Walt Disney Studios. “We are excited to share the compelling experiences and relevant activations that our partners have created for our fans.”

Nothing concrete has been announces about the partnership in terms of what it will bring from Nissan, but if it’s anything like the movies that have come before we’re sure we have a pretty good idea. There will probably be a Nissan show vehicle modified to look like the Millennium Falcon, and commercials and online content will equate Nissan Intelligent Mobility system with the futuristic tech of the Star Wars universe. We would be willing to bet actual money that there will be at least one Nissan vehicle on the red carpet at the premiere. If we’re really lucky, there might even be a special edition Nissan vehicle on sale to the public.

We don’t want to seem bitter about the partnership, but this is the third time that Nissan and Lucasfilm have worked together to promote a film. Considering that the first and second time were very similar, we’re fairly confident that we know exactly how this will go. Of course, we won’t know anything for sure until we get closer to the movie’s release date in May and until then we will be on the edge of our seats.